Heal-Thy Thoughts Jewelry is an empowerment tool and creative way to change your thoughts and thus change your life to reflect all of your desires.  Wear these unique pieces as a constant reminder of the effort you are making to shift and transform the thoughts behind habits, relationships, self-love, childhood patterns and a host of other areas that you are desiring to bring a higher consciousness to.  Our goal is to help you learn to harness the power of your mind one thought at a time.  

  All thoughts, about 60,000 per day, manifest themselves from within the confines of your mind.  Most are at the subconscious level and we are not always aware of them which is why we have a hard time breaking or creating a new habit.

Now, with this revolutionary tool, discretely created as jewelry, you will empower yourself and your mind to change your life easily, quickly and effectively.

Each time you behave in a manner opposite of what you are working on, move the jewelry to the other side of the body. For example, if you are working on being self-critical, each time you cast judgement on yourself, move it and by doing so, you begin to recognize your behavior. As you become aware, you are then able to regain the power of your thoughts and bring then up to the conscious level.  As you continue to repeat this movement of the jewelry, you re-move the thought and are able to create a new, better improved thought. 

Goal: To keep the jewelry on the same side of the body for 21 days consecutively.  Once you accomplish that, you will eliminated the behavior and created new neural networks for your brain to transmit the changed, positive thoughts.

Enjoy the jewelry which will allow you to become the loving master of your own thoughts.

Honor yourself and invest in this powerful tool and begin to manifest all that you desire for your life now.


As we tend to the field of our mind, with love and kindness, we begin to become the master gardener, removing that which no longer serves our highest good.  We begin planting seeds of hope, love, joy, health and abundance.

Enjoy the journey.